WELCOME TO ENGLISH100-010’S Website!

English 100-010
MWF, 9:55-10:45am, White 2252B
Cathy DeRose

Course Description:

English 100 is an introduction to college composition and rhetoric designed to prepare you for the demands of academic writing, but it is also meant to encourage you to think about writing beyond the classroom and in a variety of contexts. Writing is both an act of inquiry and of communication, and our work over the semester will ask you to think critically, assess texts, compare and synthesize sources, research a topic, and construct an analytical argument.

One of the main goals of English 100 is to provide you with the opportunity to practice the four modes of literacy: speaking, reading, listening, and especially writing. The course is structured to help you develop critical thinking skills, learn research and information-collecting strategies, and construct well-argued, well-written papers. English 100 also aims to show you the importance of style in writing, which includes learning how to adapt your writing to address particular audiences and achieve specific purposes. Over the semester, you will have some of your papers read by your peers as well as by myself, ensuring that you will have feedback from various voices and audiences. Writing is very much a process, and as such, this course is intended to guide you through different modes of planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Becoming aware of what process works best for you as a writer is instrumental to the development of your writing.

For a copy of the full syllabus, please click E100 Fall 2014 syllabus


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